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The Hall Legal Agency is a boutique law firm located in the heart of Chicago (with a second location in south suburban Homewood).  It is owned and operated by Katrice Hall and concentrates on people law –a practice area that addresses your everday legal needs and includes real estate, housing, probate and civil litigation.  In other words, people law is what makes the Hall Legal Agency different from any other law firm.  We understand that people are different and so, too, are their legal needs. We truly take to heart Dr. Cornel West’s quote that “justice is what love looks like in public” and we strive to bring about justice in every case we take on.

Our services range from full legal representation to limited scope/unbundled legal services.  We can be your traditional trial law firm or we can just be there to provide pro se consulting or legal advice.  Our fees range from traditional retainer agreements to flat fee agreements.  It’s that simple.  Where else can you get this kind of service?

Questions?? Go ahead and ask away. . . we’re here to help!


Watch Katrice on Channel 11’s Chicago Tonight where she discusses her practice and her participation in the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project!

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The Separation Before the Divorce

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So you’re thinking about getting a divorce but it’s the heat of the moment. You and your spouse just had a huge fight and you’re feeling like you’re at your breaking point… so you’ve packed your bags and you’re headed to divorce court. But you might want to cool your heels because you won’t be able to get a divorce that quickly because, in Illinois, there is a separation requirement that you’ll have to contend with.

10 Ways To Know You Need to Hire a Lawyer

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There’s many things in this life that we can “DIY” and then there’s those things that require professional help and you must know the difference. Regardless of the circumstances that necessitate you hiring an attorney, it’s important that you act to best protect your rights and interests. Whether your circumstances are in my top ten or not, contact the Hall Legal Agency today so that we may discuss your legal options.