The Hall Legal Agency serves a wide range of legal needs.  Our practice focuses on the everyday lives of ordinary people.  We offer full service legal representation, limited scope representation and a variety of unbundled legal services.  Our range of services allows us to tailor and customize our work to best suit you.

Full Service Legal Representation

Full service legal representation is necessary for those tough times that arise in life.  From the filing of the complaint until we reach a fair and just outcome for you.  We are your advocates and we will stand by your side.

Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services are those one-time legal services or limited scope representation agreements that we all need every once in awhile.  For example,

These types of legal services are generally short in scope and it’s for this reason that there’s no need to endure the expense of retaining an attorney.  However, you will always want to ensure that your rights are protected and properly enforced, and it’s for this reason that you’ll need an attorney on standby.  The “legal advice” you may find on the internet or receive from friends and family isn’t always the most reliable.  The Hall Legal Agency’s unbundled legal services offers an affordable and a practical alternative to going at it alone.  We’ll make sure that the work you do actually works!

All of our legal services are available in the following practice areas:

Don’t know which service you need? Fret not.  Give us your problem and we’ll propose a solution!