Can I Represent Myself?

The Hall Legal Agency understands that sometimes hiring a lawyer may be an unnecessary expense (especially for an uncomplicated matter that has a limited scope).  Instead of spending thousands of dollars to hire full service legal representation, you may want to save money and time by simply purchasing unbundled legal services.

The Hall Legal Agency offers the following advice and consulting services:

Pro Se Consulting

Are you considering representing yourself in court?  Sure, you’ve seen My Cousin Vinny, but are you sure you know what to say and what to do to best represent yourself?  Pro se consulting will provide you with a one-on-one consultation with Katrice.  For a flat, one-time fee, Katrice will use her legal expertise to assist and guide you through the process of preparing your case.  With pro se consulting, you can relax…you’ve got a lawyer in the family now. To obtain a quote for Pro Se consulting, tell us a little bit about your issue.

Pro Re Nata Advice

So you’ve downloaded a legal document you found online but you don’t know if it has any legal effect.  Is it legally binding?  Will it hold up in court?  Do you need an attorney to look over that document to make sure that you’ve filled it out correctly or that the document does exactly what you want it to do?  Or maybe you have a “quick” legal question?  Pro re nata is Latin for “as the circumstance arises.”  Pro re nata advice describes Hall Legal Agency’s service of advising you of the law as it pertains to your specific inquiry.  Unlike pro se consulting,  pro re nata advice typically pertains to non-litigation matters.  For a flat, one-time fee, the Hall Legal Agency will provide you with a one-on-one consultation with Katrice wherein you can ask questions about how to address a potential legal issue.  Using her legal expertise, Katrice can assess the situation and advise you of the relevant legal ramifications.  To obtain a quote for Pro Re Nata advice, tell us a little bit about your issue.

Not sure which unbundled legal service is right for you?  No worries.  Contact our office for a free consultation and we will advise you of which service best suits your legal needs.